About Us

Welcome to TJMax Fashions! We were founded in 2009. Our mission is simple — To deliver unique and quality wears that delights you, our customers. Whether you are a trendy size 6 or an awesome size 24, we provide DECENT, QUALITY, UNIQUE and SMART clothing for all ages.

Hear our CEO’s story:

“In 2009, I founded TJMax Fashions to operate a boutique for unisex wears. Having worked as a professional accountant for two decades in the manufacturing and airline industry, where the culture ensured you always looked decent and smart, I loved looking good. I have a deep passion for quality wears, be it corporate or casual.

As a corporate lady, I observed that as much as a lot of youths and adults wish to put on trendy and smart outfits, there was a lot of low quality products in the market. Yes, people love to look trendy and smart… and people love to rock quality and decent outfits either to work or other outings… They also want outfits that are durable ! This is what inspired me to focus on supplying unique outfits from Turkey, UK and the USA to satisfy the needs of our ideal clients. I understand that our customers want great returns for their money, so I make sure that we get our supplies from credible suppliers.”



  • Responsibility: We love being of good behavior in handling you, our customers without compromise to terms and conditions of sale.
  • Integrity: We display honesty in all manners.
  • Customer Focus: To us, our customer is KING! You keep us in business, so we are very attentive to your requests & even love to exceed expectations.
  • Innovation: As a fashion brand, continuous display of novelty and creativity in the display of wears in the showroom and our online store, is a priority for us.


So..,YES! If there are four words you can use to describe us, it’s that we are BIG on QUALITY, DECENCY, DRESSING SMARTLY and LOOKING REALLY NICE! We stock quality, trendy and unique outfits for sizes 6 – 24 (UK size equivalent)


One of our greatest strengths is also making sure that you are properly guided on the best combination that suits any outfit/item purchased from our stores be it…clothes, shoes, bags or other accessories 🙂

If you’re looking for unique wears and creative fashion, TJMax Fashions is the right place!


"I have been patronizing Tjmax Fashions 4 myself & my children 4 many years.I must say Tj max turban & wears are of good quality & Unique...I get good compliments from friends as well👌Kudos to TJ MAX...."
- Mrs Sade Joseph
"I always shop and like shopping for my Turkey tops and dresses at TJmax Fashions for the past six years. Their clothes are good and long lasting, and fits well. Their products are also nice, unique and durable and the prices are affordable...."
- Zubby Wajj

The interests of you, our customers are always top priority for us, so we are constantly working hard to bring out the best in you.

We believe that you will enjoy our products as much as we love making them available for you. Want a 10% discount on your first shopping experience with us? Enter your email to receive your discount code.

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